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to shut, shut, shut becsuk
to lay, laid, laid fekte
to pay, paid, paid fizet
to burn, burnt, burnt ég
to learn, learnt, learnt tanul
to lend, lent, lent kölcsönöz
to cut, cut, cut vág
to hit, hit, hit üt, eltalál
to hurt, hurt, hurt megsért
to kneel, knelt, knelt térdel
to leave, left, left elhagy
to mean, meant, meant jelent, gondol
to bleed, bled, bled vérzik
to break, broke, broken tör
to breed, bred, bred tenyészt
to keep, kept, kept (meg)tart
to sleep, slept, slept alszik
to say, said, said mond
to have, had, had birtokol, van neki
to make, made, made csinál, készít
to cast, cast, cast dob
to cost, cost, cost kerül valamibe
to put, put, put tesz (valahová)
to spread, spread, spread kiterjeszt
to sweep, swept, swept seper
to weep, wept, wept sír
to feel, felt, felt érez
to feed, fed, fed táplál, etet
to spoil, spoilt, spoilt (el)ront
to lead, led, led vezet (valakit v. valakiket)
to read, read, read olvas
to lose, lost, lost elveszít
to meet, met, met találkozik
to speed, sped, sped siet
to creep, crept, crept mászik
to let, let, let hagy
to send, sent, sent (el)küld
to spent, spent, spent pénzt költ, időt tölt
to build, built, built épít
to smell, smelt, smelt szagol
to spell, spelt, spelt betűz (szavakat)
to dream, dreamt, dreamt álmodik
to get, got, got kap
to buy, bought, bought vesz
to catch, caught, caught elkap, megragad
to wear, wore, worn visel
to light, lit, lit meggyújt
to find, found, found talál
to bring, brought, brought hoz
to grow, grew, grown nő
to know, knew, known tud
to choose, chose, chosen választ
to freeze, froze, frozen megfagy
to go, went, gone megy
to be, was/were, been van, létezik
to show, showed, shown mutat
to fly, flew, flown repül
to throw, threw, thrown dob, hajít
to hang, hung, hung akaszt
to shine, shone, shone süt (nap), ragyog
to fight, fought, fought harcol
to teach, taught, taught tanít
to think, thought, thought gondol
to do, did, done tesz, csinál
to shoot, shot, shot lő
to win, won, won nyer
to sell, sold, sold elad
to hear, heard, heard hall
to tell, told, told mond
to hold, held, held tart
to sit, sat, sat ül
to stand, stood, stood áll
to wake, woke, woken ébred
to bear, bore, born szül
to speak, spoke, spoken beszél
to steal, stole, stolen ellop
to forget, forgot, forgotten elfelejt
to hide, hid, hidden elrejt
to come, came, come jön
to become, become, become válik valamivé
to run, ran, run fut, szalad
to give, gave, given ad
to eat, ate, eaten eszik
to fall, fell, fallen elesik
to take, took, taken vesz, felvesz
to blow, blew, blown fúj (szél)
to swim, swam, swum úszik
to see, saw, seen lát
to drive, drove, driven vezet (valamit)
to ride, rode, ridden lovagol
to write, wrote, written ír
to begin, began, begun kezd, elkezd
to drink, drank, drunk iszik
to ring, rang, rung cseng
to sing, sang, sung énekel

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